Blogging about not blogging

15 04 2011

I’ve been blogging kind of sporadically lately. Have you noticed? I’d like to think you’ve noticed, “you” being the collective audience of probably about two people who actually read this thing, but that might be pretentious. I mean, I’ve noticed, but I’m the one blogging. Or not blogging.

Anyway, I promise there’s a reason — namely the fact that my thesis has been eating my soul. Thankfully, I’m almost at a good stopping point for the semester. Sadly, the semester is almost over anyway, so by stopping point I really mean that the semester will be over and I won’t have any other choice.

That being said, I may have to put off eating weird food for a couple of weeks (at least intentionally), or at least do it on a week-by-week basis. I’m sorry; I really am. You’re all (both?) wonderful; you really are. It’s not you; it’s me.

(I only said all that so I could use semicolons, actually.)

I’ll be back soon with something delightfully disgusting. I promise.




2 responses

24 04 2011

HOORAY! (: You should take my suggestion of beetcookie/greenpepperjelly/Clamato.

25 04 2011

All the best with the study – and me and Vonnie will be here waiting for your return to blogging 😉

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